50 uncommon, cheap date ideas

  1. Search Groupon for fun activities for 2
  2. Build an extravagant blanket fort (and add some yummy snacks and fun decorations like twinkle lights)
  3. Find a dollar theater or go to the theater earlier in the day for cheaper tickets
  4. Go to goodwill and search for things you know the other will love
  5. Browse the craiglist free section and flip something you found
  6. Go to a playground, when there aren’t kids and families there, and play around like you’re kids
  7. Go antiquing
  8. Walk around costco and get all the free samples
  9. Make a time capsule to open together in 10 years
  10. Go sledding with garbage can lids
  11. Go visit some local monuments and get to know the history of where you live
  12. Cook something unique neither of you has tried before
  13. Make mystery smoothies for each other and guess what the other put in yours (all yummy things of course)
  14. Find a diy on pinterest and document your journey making it together - and share on social media if it was a success or bust
  15. Buy a canvas and some cheap paint from Michael’s and paint something together - couple’s art
  16. Start reading a book together
  17. Pick up some adult coloring books and sit on the floor and color. I get in some of my best chatting time when I’m creating.
  18. Find a trail to hike or bike
  19. Buy some sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch
  20. Have a scavenger hunt at an outdoor store
  21. Teach a personal skill or talent to each other
  22. Find a lake, set out a picnic blanket, and enjoy the sunset together
  23. Get in the car, just drive, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And then when you get lost turn on the gps and head home
  24. Go to a local greenhouse and pick out a few plants to raise together
  25. Go to the salon and get pedicures (it’s more of a treat than you think, boys)
  26. Go to Krispy Kreme when the light is on - free donuts for all!
  27. Buy some tubes (we found some great ones for only $13) or borrow from a friend and go floating down the river
  28. Climb a tree together
  29. Go to the animal shelter and play with some puppies
  30. Find some swing dancing tutorials on youtube and learn to dance together. Once you’ve learned some moves, find a spotify swing dance playlist, dim the lights, and dance together
  31. Go to bath and body works and smell a bunch of candles. Pick out the one that reminds you most of the other
  32. Plan out your dream vacation - what would you eat, what would you see, where would you stay, and how would you get around?
  33. Find somewhere to volunteer together
  34. Take a tour of a local brewery, lots of times they're free! And you get a tasting! (If you don't drink alcohol, they usually will have something else to sample, like lemonade & you still get to see the inner-workings of the brewery)
  35. Go to the farmer's market together, sample out some local goods and produce
  36. Visit some open houses and discover your s.o.'s taste in architecture and design
  37. Recreate your first date - wear the same outfits, eat the same foods, listen to the same music, etc
  38. Go to a graveyard together and search for the oldest grave marker you can find
  39. Sit at a cafe or at the mall, grab some pastries, and people watch
  40. Find some friends who have kids, let them go out and enjoy a date while you babysit together for them
  41. Go to a car dealership and test drive some cars
  42. Paint a room together
  43. Give each other facials from homemade ingredients
  44. Have a cookie bake-off and see who can make the better cookie
  45. Go to ikea, have some dinner, and then claim a couch in one of the displays to chat
  46. Go to a nearby pond and feed the ducks
  47. Go camping. At a national park or in your backyard. Don't forget the s'mores!
  48. Grab some sketching paper and pencils and do your best job of drawing each other (even if they're not very good looking, you can laugh and cherish the pieces of art)
  49. Take a walking tour of the place you live or live nearby
  50. Create a new recipe that is your own with both of your favorite ingredients
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