Hurricane Harvey - How to Help


I love the great state of texas and I'm heartbroken for what my fellow texans are going through right now. 

Last week felt like a rough week for us, but I know none of that compares to the things some are going through right now due to Hurricane Harvey. I keep seeing photos and hearing stories on the internet, from friends, & on the news - elderly people in their wheelchairs waiting to be rescued from waist-deep water, unprepared families without food or water, a woman in labor in her attic because her house is flooded and she's stranded. These people need help! Currently, there are 300 road closures around Houston. There's pretty much no way in or out. And unfortunately, local government officials ignored warnings that Houston should have been evacuated.

But we can do something! Join me in helping the victims of hurricane harvey. I'm donating 100% of profits to disaster relief. If you order from me, customs included, message me and let me know you'd like the profits to be sent to harvey disaster relief & I will send a confirmation of the donation.