I’m Anna Liisa and I love art, creating things, diy projects, home decor, design and all things pretty. I’m a born and raised Texan married to the sweetest soul in the world.

A little background about me: I’ve been painting, drawing, and creating since I was young and have parents who have nourished those talents. My mom is one of those moms who couldn’t toss out any of the art her kids made. She cherished each piece I created as a little one and that has helped me find value in everything I create. I’ve loved art since I was tiny. My favorite class was always art and I couldn’t wait for my Tuesday, Thursday art classes in high school. It was always a time for me to clear my mind and refocus my energy. In college I didn’t have much time to pursue art. I chose to major in psychology, which I loved and still do, but after I graduated I picked up my paint brushes again and fell back in love.

During college I met my sweetheart, Elliott. We met in Hawaii during a study abroad and said our “I love yous” after 5 days of knowing each other. A few short months later I moved from my little university in Nashville to Elliott’s huge university in Utah to see if our relationship was meant to last. Turns out it was and we got married a year and 4 months after we met! We moved back to my home in Texas after graduation so he could begin medical school. I can’t say I don’t miss those beautiful Tennessee and Utah mountains and autumns. (I didn’t know what autumn was until I moved away from home).

As for my art, I love creating custom orders and collaborating with others. I’ve created wedding signs, logos, invitations, cards, and wrapping paper for clients. And I love putting my mind to work on new projects. I attended the first Pinners Conference in Dallas, TX, which was a fun show for me. I also plan to attend many other markets in the future, so look for me there!

If you’d like a custom piece or info about collaboration, visit my instagram and be in touch with me at annaliisajmoss@gmail.com.

Follow along on my journey on instagram, pinterest, and facebook @annaliisamoss.