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I create because it brings me joy. And I draw inspiration from creation that brings me joy, like nature, flowers, people, and animals. I dabble with mediums and delight in watercolor. I love that the moment I close my eyes at night, I start dreaming in watercolor.
I believe in originality and sharing with a community of like-minded people. Much of my art is built on community, whether it’s custom pieces, wedding invitations, or portraits. I believe in the mantra from Vincent Van Gogh that β€œwhat is done in love is well done.” All of my work is created with care and love. I believe in the priorities of loving Jesus, others, myself, and nature of which art enables me to do all of those things. Art, for me, is not just a job or a way of letting the day go by. It is my way of life that I hope touches the hearts of all those that come across it.

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