Annie Sloan Piano Makeover

We decided to take on the fun project of painting our piano. (It actually was fun). 

Elliott has been talking about buying a piano since we met and we decided to finally take the leap. After perusing craigslist for a couple months, we finally found the one. 

We (I) decided to paint our new piano white because white is oh so pretty. After researching paints we decided on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 

Elliott sanded down the old layers of shellac - most likely he didn't have to, but we wanted to make sure to use the least amount of paint possible and thought it might help. We used less than a quart of paint and painted two coats - Annie Sloan is made of magic and well worth the money. 

We made sure to accessorize with new knobs from world market and after unearthing 3 old layers of fabric we added some new padding and fabric of our own. 

And voila! This piano is a piece of my heart.

AnnaLiisa Moss