5 of My Favorite Things Right Now

photography:  EMILY SCOTT , floral design:  MICHELLE LYWOOD , creative direction:  TAYLOR STERLING

photography: EMILY SCOTT, floral design: MICHELLE LYWOOD, creative direction: TAYLOR STERLING

We’re currently in the process of moving. I’m not going to pretend I enjoy moving and packing because I don’t. Nothing compares to the way I procrastinate with packing. I’d rather do so many other things than pack and move.

But I am looking forward to having a bit more space and a house to call home. And a place to decorate!!!

Also, just want to add that I love Pinterest. I almost feel like if Pinterest wasn’t around, I probably wouldn’t know my decor style at all. I’ve been pinning almost endlessly through the infinite images. And here are a few of my favorite things. Right now.

Basket lighting. I love these! And I have since the moment I laid eyes on them.

Fringe & Tassels. Everywhere. Fringe on curtains, tassels on bedding, fringe on rugs, tassels on dresses, fringe and tassels on pillows.  It adds so much personality. I'm a huge fan.

Vintage art. I love seeing old posters and hangers with flora and fauna or scientific charts hanging up. If I could I’d have a whole wall covered in these. Like vintage poster wallpaper. How pretty would that be? We have a vintage poppy print I bought for $3! And we bought it like almost 9 months ago, but I still haven’t been able to hang it up because I’m looking for the perfect spot for it. Hopefully in our new house! Woowoo!

volta  house by  septembre

volta house by septembre

Light flooring. Preferably in a chevron pattern. OMG. So maybe you know, but I’m all about that Scandinavian look. Growing up and traveling to Sweden and Finland to visit family I always loved how light and airy everything felt with the natural pine and cedar flooring. So. Dang. Pretty. And it brightens up a room so much.

Meadow and Moss  boho dream catcher

Meadow and Moss boho dream catcher

Dried flowers. Especially from Meadow and Moss. Y’all, if you haven’t heard of Meadow and Moss, please know you’re in for a treat. Favorite etsy shop probably ever. They decorate natural elements with dried flowers for wall decor, wedding decor, etc. And man, oh man. What dreamy fairy tale creations.

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