10 things to do on Sunday for a more successful week

I’ve always been impressed with highly organized people. I feel like organization is the key to achieving both short-term and long-term goals. And ultimately your dreams.

If you can organize your time, you’ll be more productive.

If you organize your home, you’ll have a space to comfortably unwind.

If you organize your budget, you’ll know where you can spend and where you should hold the reigns.

If you organize your meals, you won’t have to stress about what you’re eating every day and you’ll likely eat healthier.

Organization is the tool of successful people.

So after discussing our continuing desire to become more organized, my husband and I picked each other’s brains for the best ways we could become the organized type. AKA the successful type.

We decided that in order to keep each other accountable, we'd gather every Sunday to discuss the week behind us and plan the week ahead. And this is the list of the 10 things we came up with to help us have a more successful week. These are the things we’re going to start implementing every Sunday night.


Budget for the week

Answer these questions: what didI spend last week? What am I planning on spending during the upcoming week? What bills need to be paid? What kind of money do I need to spend on groceries? Is there anything in my life that can be cut out of the budget?


Meal prep

Sort out meals, decide what you’re having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find things that are easy to cook all at once for the week or super quick to make during the week. And make a calendar for the week of all the things you’re planning on eating.


Weekly Plans

Decide on all the things you plan to have accomplished by the end of each day. Then decide what you’re hoping to have accomplished by the end of the working day on Friday.

I usually sit and discuss this over Sunday night dinner with my husband. Kinda fun for dinner conversation because we usually try to make some fun goals for ourselves too. Like try to use our six flags passes once during the week. Adding something fun into the weekly plans gives you something to look forward to.


Discuss your individual schedules for the week

Unless you’re with the other members of your household 24/7 (you work together, you eat every meal together, and you never leave each other’s side), then it’s probably good to discuss your individual schedules for the week. So you know how to plan your time around each other.

In the morning I’ll have to drive my husband to school. I’ll usually work out right after I drop him off, shower, get ready for the day, start working, and then pick him up sometime during the day. Our schedules work around each other & when I have a better understanding of the time-frame I have to work in, I’m way more productive.


Figure out your work schedule for the week

What are all the items on your list that you need to check off? By what day and time do you need to be finished with these projects? Plan in advance so you’re not stressing out rushing to finish your work at the last minute.


Clean up any messes

Start your week with a tidy home.

I'm always more energized when the space I’m working in is put together and cleaned up. When things in my home are unorganized, my thoughts are everywhere. Until I clean up, I can’t get any real work done. And if that’s the case, I’ll clean up during the middle of the day. And that'll completely throw my schedule off. If I had just taken 10-20 minutes the night before to clean up the little messes around the house, I would've made my life a whole heck of a lot easier.


Do any needed laundry

It’s always nice to start the week with an empty dirty clothes hamper. Throw in the few pairs of socks and undies into the washer & start off fresh during the week.


Have a prayer time by yourself or with your spouse to prepare you for the week

Start your mindset for the week on a positive note. Praying will help give you an optimistic outlook on your week and you’ll have better intentions during the week to fulfill your purpose. Focus on that which is good and be grateful. Your week will go by much more smoothly.


Have a few outfits picked out and ironed for the week

Is there anything worse than trying on 12 different outfits in the morning and then finally settling on something only because you’re running late? I don’t think so. Choose a few outfits you know you’re happy to wear during the week, especially if you have early mornings. Iron them, hang them back up and rest assured your mornings will be less stressful.



Seriously, take a break on Sunday. That’s what the day is meant for. Don’t stress too much about getting everything done, just plan what you’d like to have prepped for the upcoming week and your week will be a bit more of a breeze.

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