10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Writing this list, I realize it’s really hard to name things that others might not know about me, but I want to introduce myself to readers. And this is a fun way, right?

1: I’m a Finnish-American dual-citizen, and I have been my whole life, but I didn’t know until right before my 23rd birthday. I’m still not really sure the benefits of that, but I think it’s pretty cool.

2: I majored in religion and psychology in college. And I think religion was way more fun. Also, I may not be using those degrees professionally, but I do think the knowledge I gained was invaluable. And the school I went to was really cheap, so I’m not in debt. Praise.

3: I met my husband on tinder in Hawaii.

4: I’m not great at writing, but you probably did know that about me ha. But everything I do is for growth. And I think the more you do something, the better you become at that thing. So here’s to growth. Also as long as the ideas I’m trying to get across are coming out clearly, I think we’re all fine. Just don’t judge too hard please. Writing was never my strong-suit.

5: I freakin love animals. And when I was little I wanted to be a bug doctor. At least that’s what I told my mom I wanted to be when I grew up. Although I am far from a bug doctor, I do consider myself a bug helper. #savethebees

6: I’m an introvert, but there are environments that energize me like an extrovert. I crave being around people, but that doesn’t mean I crave chatting. I love listening and being entertained by other people’s humor.

Which environment do I feel energized in? My crafty, design, maker environments. I could talk for hours in that community - at craft fairs and markets.

7: The number one thing I crave is chocolate.

8: I love interior design and would be happy only reading interior design magazines the rest of my life.

9: I was a competitive Scottish dancer for almost 10 years. And I can’t say I was a star, but hey, I traveled to Scotland with some friends to compete and that was the highlight of my high school years.

10: I love Jesus and that’s the biggest thing I really want people to know about me.

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