5 Christmas Gift Ideas

November is here, which means December and Christmas are around the corner! Over here in our part of Texas, we've had a total of maybe four cool weather days. And while everyone else is decking their halls and singing "baby it's cold outside," we're over here still eating popsicles and barely starting to watch a few of the leaves change color. So, I kinda feel like I'm getting ahead of myself, but with November upon us, there's still seasonal anticipation in the air. And I can't help but be an early bird and release a Christmas gift guide. 

1. Calendar

This is one gift I'm very excited about giving. I'm probably going to give it to most of the ladies in my family. AND if anyone believes in Christmas gifts for herself, this is definitely a gift I would give myself.


2. Family/Couple's Portrait

I've had so many requests for portraits & I really do love painting them. What a sweet gift to give someone at the end of the year to remind them of all the love, trials, joy, whatever between them throughout the past year.


3. Pet or Animal Portrait

This is the ultimate pet lover's gift. 


4. A framed piece

Any artwork that I have available can also be framed. 


5. Any custom piece - house portrait, map, skyline, car, plane, boat, you name it.

These are great gifts for the man in your life. I've had requests for all of these and they're always a hit. Such unique and personal gifts that people cherish forever.


I hope this list inspires your Christmas list. And keep your eye out for a Christmas special coming soon.

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