Birth Flowers


Last month I decided to create some new 2018 calendars. I knew I wanted to create a floral calendar & while researching which flowers to paint, I found out every month has a different birth flower. I had no idea! 

So in case you're wondering like I was, here are the names of the birth flowers with each month. I'll be sending out a list of these with each new calendar order because I've had lots of requests for the names of the flowers. 

january carnation LR.jpg

January - Carnation

february iris LR.jpg

February - Iris

march daffodil LR.jpg

March - Daffodil

sweet pea LR.jpg

April - Sweet Pea

stargazer LR.jpg

May - Lily

rose LR.jpg

June - Rose

delphinium LR.jpg

July - Delphinium

poppy LR.jpg

August - Poppy

aster LR.jpg

September - Aster

October - Calendula 

November - Chrysanthemum

December - Narcissus


♡ AL

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