Artisan Roundup: 4 Creators You Need to Know About


mpwovenn artisan adjustable necklace
mpwovenn artisan custom macrame
artisans wall weaving mpwovenn
mpwovenn custom woven wall hanging artisan

I've kept my eye out for some time for a beautiful macrame wall hanging. And then I met Mindy, who makes the most beautiful pieces.

First thing you should know about this artisan is she's got the most genuine personality. She's the kind of person you feel like you can open up to the moment you meet her.

I snagged a couple pieces from her, one of which I keep above my mantle & the other, my keychain, stays with me 24/7. 

I love having her one-of-a-kind pieces. You can find her artwork here.


artisan cactus star
custom wedding succulents cactus star
artisan cactus star custom plants
plant lady the cactus star

Candace is my plant lady. Every time I have a plant problem, I text her real quick. I may not have a green thumb, but she's always quick to respond when I think my plants are looking a bit under the weather. She knows her stuff. Also, on her instagram she offers the best tips for growing your own succulents & she built her own dreamy greenhouse. 

The day I met her I felt like she was an instant friend. She always tells the funniest stories. Her personality is just as lively as her plants.

She offers a variety of options. And she always starts with the prettiest crop. Around Fall she offers succulent pumpkins. She design succulent wedding bouquets. And she offers customs. You can find her product here.


tribe and sol artisan jewelry
tribe and sol artisan shoes
tribe and sol artisan dress

Okay, Ndi is awesome. She's the kind of girl that gives you a confidence boost when you talk with her. She makes you feel so great about your work and path in life. She's so special and curates the most beautiful culture inspired textiles and jewelry. Her pieces really are unique. Like did you see those gorgeous earrings?!

We met at an event a couple years ago at an event. I kept coming back to her booth to chat and the cutest caftan kept catching my eye. Of course, before the event was over I bought it & it's still one of my favorite pieces I own. Dang, it's comfy. 

You can find all her stunning pieces here.


debbie bean artisan glasswork
glass artisan debbie bean
debbie bean artwork stained glass

I'm majorly obsessing over Debbie's glasswork right now. I want like 10 for every window of my house. Beyond gorgeous. And her work speaks for itself.

You can find her work here & she offers customs.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up. Feel free to share some of your favorite artisans! 


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